Public-Root Internet services are free to use for everyone and available anywhere in the world.

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Welcome to the Public-Root
      The Public-Root is an international, not-for-profit, federation of independent root operators and community
  stakeholders. Root operators can be processors, corporations, chartered organizations or government agencies.
Membership in the Public-Root is open to all organizations willing to support open access to root infrastructure.
Members must have the required technical skills and resources to support a root system.

Public root operators support the Internet community by providing uniform access to data elements that support the resolution of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) in the domain name system (DNS). Public root operators are responsible for the operation and technical management of the Internet's DNS root system.
IPv6 Compliant
Multilingual TLD Support
Email-2 Compatable
Supported by the INAIC
Public-Root includes a worldwide network of thirteen master root servers. The Public-Root system maintains and distributes authoritative root zone files. The thirteen master root servers propagate the root zone files to affiliated root systems.

Stakeholders in the Public-Root set standards by consensus. These standards define the operational specifications of Public-Root systems. These specifications form the basis of the contractual obligation binding root server operators as trustees of the Public-Root. To be affiliated with the Public-Root operators must guarantee the stable technical operation
of their DNS. To volunteer your organization or company please contact the Public-Root Server Advisory Committee (PRSAC). PRSAC co-ordinates the geographical deployment, distribution, and testing of root systems in the Public DNS.