Welcome to Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

The B.Root-Server, located in Budapest, Hungary, was deployed in October 2009 and provides resolution for the whole Inclusive Name Space. The B.Root-Server guarantees the performance and stability of Internet services in Central Europe.

The B.Root-Server is located at the BIX (Budapest Internet Exchange), thus excellent network infrastrcuture is available for the service. Moreover, Budapest is an ideal location for a Public-Root Server since Budapest is located at a strong strategic location between Europe and the Middle east. In addition, this server will provide extra resiliency and robustness
in resolution to the entire Middle East and Balkan.

Hydrabyte-Hungary Research and Development Ltd., Root-Operator of the B.Root-Server, said: "We are
proud to operate the B.Root-Server, so Public-Internet DNS services will be seamlessley available
for Central Europe, as we think the Public-Internet is a great project and will help the
Internet to grow in a infinite way"

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