Welcome to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The F.Root-Server, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia was re-deployed on 04 July 2009 and provides resolution for the whole Inclusive Name Space. The F.Root-Server guarantees the performance and stability of Internet services in
Australia. This server will also reduce DNS response time for a large part of Oceana and the southern hemisphere,
including New Zealand, Tasmania, southern Asia, the Islands of the South Pacific, and Antarctica.
Bradley D. Thornton, Root-Operator of the F.Root-Server says: "NorthTech Computer, as an international provider
of Business Internet and DNS root services since 1985, is proud to operate the Public-Root network's
F.Root-Server in the Internet's Inclusive Name Space. NorthTech looks forward to working with
Public-Root community to help foster stability and provide the entire Internet community
a superior choice of DNS in the public name space."
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