Welcome to Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

The G.Root-Server, located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, was deployed in April 2004. It provides resolution for the whole Inclusive Name Space via the Public-Root. The G.Root-Server guarantees the performance and stability of Internet services in North America and this server will provide extra resiliency in resolution in the United States.

John Palmer
Root-Operator of the G.Root-Server and president of ADNS says: "ADNS has been involved in the Inclusive Namespace since its inception in 1995 and is proud to be part of the Public-Root network. We believe that stability is essential in root server operations as this helps convince users that the Inclusive Namespace is safe and reliable.
ADNS looks forward to working with the Public-Root community to help provide free and broad choice in
the Namespace."
AGN Domain Name Service, Inc. (ADNS)
volunteered to co-locate
the G.Root-Server.
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